24 Employees Who Tried, They Really Tried.

24 Employees Who Tried, They Really Tried.

Some of these folks might need a day off.

They Really Tried

1. Whoever decided to make Oreo-flavored Oreos.

2. This employee who taped a piece of paper…to a clipboard.

3. This bakery employee, who kindly put the expiration date right on the bun.

4. …And this yogurt employee, who did the same.

5. …AND this beer employee, who decided to get rid of the expiration date altogether, and replace it with a straight-up dick.

6. Whoever set up this vending machine.

7. Whoever wrote the directions for this tent, which apparently takes two extra minutes to set up if you speak Spanish.

8. The artist who wrote “Nothing is written in stone” in stone.

9. This Crayola employee.

10. Whoever is in charge of spellchecking at this weight company.

11. And whoever forgot to spellcheck this “shitf” key.

12. And whoever forgot to spellcheck this hair product — not very professionANAL!

13. Whoever made this ruler.

14. Whoever made this braille sign, and forgot to raise the braille.

15. Whoever decided this fence was necessary.

16. This Pop-Tarts employee, who put three in a pack instead of the usual two.

Actually, this person is awesome.


Actually, this person is awesome.

17. Whoever made this sign for Target, which technically bans all humans from entering.

18. This graphic designer who thinks a ham sandwich is the same thing as a hamburger.

19. The toilet paper employee who let a literal WASP into a roll.

20. Whoever works at the US Mint.

21. This Walmart employee who somehow managed to stock their register with receipt paper from Target?

22. Whoever felt the need to clarify that shoes come in an average of two per box.

23. Whoever designed this Sudoku book cover, where the person is making a pretty obvious mistake.

Can't have two 5s in the same box, yo.


Can’t have two 5s in the same box, yo.

24. And finally, whoever was in charge of the brown M&Ms.

They Really Tried  ,  via : buzzfeed

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